The softest blue and ivory silken fabrics from the Maison Tassinari et Chatel perfectly reflect the daylight in this homage to Madame de Polignac, emblem of the Ancien Régime, the close friend and confidante of Queen Marie-Antoinette.

A sense of serenity and lightness pervades the air. Step back, surrender to the moment, and embrace a tranquility where time itself transports you to the Eighteenth Century.

A private garden rounds out the perfection the Grand Suite, alongside bed chamber and salon. 



The Boudoir

  • Reugny luxury hotel High quality king size bedding
  • business stay Reugny Garnier Thiebaut satin cotton linen
  • chateau Loire Valley Air conditioning
  • Touraine hotel spa Nespresso coffee machine
  • castle amboise Private in-room bar with refreshments and snacks
  • chateau wedding tours Smart TV with international channels
  • luxury hotel chateau de la loire Wifi, telephone and safe
  • chateau Tours Sports equipment: dumbbells, yoga mats, elastics
  • chateau wedding tours Bedroom and living room

The bathroom

  • chateau Reugny Italian shower and bathtub
  • chateau wedding tours Bathrobes and slippers
  • Loire bike rides Maison Guerlain toiletries
  • luxury stay Tours Balance Fit Tracking
  • business stay Reugny Hair dryer

At your disposal

  • restaurant chateau touraine A butler service
  • hotel Touraine Access to the SPA "La Rosée" by appointment



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