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Once upon a time in the valley of the Kings…

Head out aboard a Rolls Royce and discover Touraine, an area where natural beauty mingles with a rich historical and architectural heritage.

The Château Louise de La Vallière offers themed guided tours that take you backstage at major historical sites or let you discover the secret gardens of the region. Designed to order, our excursions offer privileged and private access to the most beautiful châteaux of the Loire.

Or for a beautiful, stress-free escape, why not take a ride in our Morgan, explore the valley as you please and as the mood takes you.

The château also offers bicycle excursions. Follow lost paths, forget time, picnic where nature still rules.

And when night falls, come down to the French orchard and experience the entertainments popular during the Renaissance, or during the Baroque age, which will still enchant you today. All reflected in the mirror of the lake, the centrepiece of the garden. Ballets and classical dancing, concerts and performances, alongside a symphony dedicated to the Château Louise de La Vallière that will inspire your dreams.



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