The Spirits Within

Welcome to the Château Louise de La Vallière, a luxury Château Hotel imagined like a jewel and an invitation – an invitation to a voyage outside of time. Set in one of the most beautiful parts of France, close to the Royal town of Amboise, this sixteenth century château was home to the early adventures of the young Louise, the future love of the Sun King’s life.

Several centuries later, and thanks to the passion of proprietor Mira Grebenstein, this marvellous embodiment of the Renaissance spirit has been reborn as a window on the world of bygone kings and queens. The château’s interior, an expression of the extraordinary talents of master decorator Jacques Garcia, recreates the elegance and sensuality of establishments such as this, evoking the sparkling luxury of their former owners.

Outside, visitors can drift through the majestic shade of our two-hundred-year-old trees, stroll in our 20-hectare park, discover the delights of the French orchard and of the wild woods where the animals still roam… and walk in the footsteps of Louise de la Vallière.

These are spaces of calm and serenity through which we invite you to wander at your leisure, your feet taking you where they will – to the forest’s edge or to the very mirror of the lake.

Country Getaway, History,
and a Riot of the Senses

“Country Getaway ? Indeed, a whole break in experience. For staying here is a true getaway, a step into another world, the kind of world where you set off with three coaches and all your servants. If you read the novelist Geroge Sand, for instance.. when she set off from Paris, she didn’t go alone. She would arrive in Nohan and they would all settle in for four months. In our case, the whole basis of our ‘getaway’ is Louise de la Vallière.”

Jacques Garcia



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