The designer

Jacques Garcia

The Château Hotel is a signature work by internationally renowned designer Jacques Garcia. Jacques has brought all of his talents to bear in recreating all the elegance and sensuality associated with such houses, and in so doing reviving the vibrant luxury in which the former owners lived. 

The light, subtly muted by the engraved Cordovan leather which adorns the walls of the bar and library; the silks, from the looms of Prelle, Lelievre, Tassinari & Chatel, which he’s used with the exceptional furnishings of the restaurant and the bedrooms; the artworks from the epoch – all are a reflection of Jacques Garcia’s inimitable style. The Château Louise de La Vallière is his celebration of the great Favourites of French royal history. 

His passion for the 17th and 18th Centuries together with his limitless imagination have combined in a décor that will bathe you in another era.



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