Picnic by Bicycle

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Lose track of time… Escape on one of our electric-assisted, GPS-equipped bicycles. Head off through the vineyards, wend your way through picturesque villages, discover their beautiful medieval churches. We offer a choice of two itineraries, both designed to help you discover the château’s surroundings and sink into the serenity of nature as you feast on a picnic assembled for you by our chef. Both are a chance to surf the countryside of Touraine at your own pace, and in total freedom. The wondrous landscapes of the Loire Valley await you!

In the footsteps of Louise

A sun-kissed outing through the ancient feudal lands of Louise de la Vallière’s ancestors – through forests, vineyards and unspoiled villages from a bygone era.

Epic journey to Tours

Admire the meandering loops and bends of the last wild river in Europe; stop off at the troglodytic caves of Rochecorbon; and come at last to the city of Tours, with its ancient streets and byways.

Experience the splendour of the Loire countryside.


Picnic by Bicycle; €85

Bicycle only; €70

We recommend you reserve at least 24 hours in advance as availability is limited



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