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“A delicate tribute to the celebrations of Royalty, ‘Pleasures of the Enchanted Isle’ brings together a variety of arts and performances of the kind most favoured by Louis XIV. The perfect occasion for the Sun King to appear in all his splendour before his beloved and loving Louise de la Vallière. Such festivities were dedicated to her.”

The Château Louise de la Vallière puts you at the heart of a unique artistic experience: a journey out of time through haute cuisine, theatre and music, where Baroque culture in all its aspects blends in dazzling harmony with the sumptuousness of Royal celebration.

Whether in the gardens in summertime, or in a more intimate indoor setting in winter, let us transport you to the Age of Kings to enjoy a celebration of the arts of the Baroque and performances by internationally renowned artists.

The Château Louise de La Vallière is preparing an enticing program for the summer season 2024!
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